Who We Are

Hyundai Mobis, a manufacturer of automotive parts, is part of the Hyundai Motor Group, a conglomerate formed by more than 60 branches around the world, operating in the automotive, steel, construction and services sectors, among others.

Hyundai Mobis was founded in 1977 in the city of Seoul, South Korea, and its Brazilian plant began operations in 2012 in the “Parque Automotivo de Piracicaba”, next to the Hyundai Motor Brasil facilities.

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Hyundai Mobis has three operating units installed in the cities of Piracicaba and Rio das Pedras in the state of São Paulo, in addition to a Commercial Office located in the state capital.

Picture showing the Automotive Module Factory in Piracicaba-SP.

Automotive Module Factory in Piracicaba-SP

In Piracicaba, the front and rear chassis, cockpits and bumpers used in the assembly of the HB20 and Creta models are manufactured. In the same city, Mobis has a Distribution Center to carry out the packaging processes and stock parts.

Distribution Center in Rio das Pedras-SP

The Distribution Center is located in Rio das Pedras, which guarantees the supply of more than 220 Hyundai Motor Brasil dealerships throughout the country with genuine parts and accessories, in addition to exports to the United States and South American countries.

Picture showing the Distribution Center in Rio das Pedras-SP.

Commercial Office in São Paulo-SP

The Marketing and Training area, with space for commercial meetings with partners and suppliers, is located in São Paulo/SP.

Picture showing the Hyundai Mobis technologies.

The technologies present in the production methods, as well as the efforts in research and development, are dedicated to ensuring easy and safe driving of our vehicles.

All components manufactured in Brazil and worldwide undergo the highest standards of tests, simulations in extreme conditions and high technical standards. Our products are recognized as a quality reference, always ensuring the high performance and durability of vehicles manufactured by Hyundai.

Hyundai Motor Group

Hyundai Motor Group is a global corporation with a value chain based on automobiles, steel, construction, logistics, finance, IT and services. With around 250.000 employees worldwide, their companies are actively working to create a better future for everyone.

Picture representing the globality and sustainability of Hyundai Mobis.


Vision for Sustainable Operations Responsible
Innovation, Clean Tech Mobility

We value responsible innovation and mobility with clean technology. As suggested by our mid- to long-term vision “Responsible Innovation, Clean Tech Mobility”, we are guided by the principle of sustainable operation and work to fulfill our responsibilities during business for the next generation.

Our motto is to help save the world through pro-environmental action, grow with our members and contribute to creating value for the community.

Local communities

A company that grows together with local communities.

It carries out environmental sharing and protection activities and is actively involved with local communities.

Partners and distributors

A trusted companion.

Establishing fair and transparent commercial relationships, sharing information and disseminating technology.

Other Stakeholders

A pioneer in responses to climate change.

Join efforts to ensure global policies on climate change, strengthening corporate competitiveness through initiatives related to environmental transformations.


A transparent company.

Comply with and actively participate in the promotion of laws and regulations, in line with global policies.


A company that seeks happy mobility.

Improve technical capabilities, get the best quality, build customer trust and strengthen customer engagement.


The best company to work for.

Fair evaluation and remuneration, support professional development, ensure worker safety, provide social benefits and promote a pleasant work environment.


Auto partners for life and more.

To become a trusted lifelong partner for our customers, we will bring a new perspective to automobiles through innovative mobility solutions based on human-centric, eco-friendly technologies and services.

Picture representing the Hyundai Mobis values.

Core Values

A Campanha MO;HAPPY é composta por 7 itens que visam demonstrar maneiras de como podemos aumentar nossa satisfação e felicidade na Mobis Brasil. A partir de hoje, conheça cada um deles.


To increase satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil, know that you can take advantage of your coffee breaks to chat with your team members.

Interacting is important!

Knowing how co-workers are doing, asking them for their opinion on a project, and relaxing can generate productive insights!

Also, these breaks are important to produce. Experts say that to maintain concentration it is important to respect these breaks, as if they were a breath for our brain.


Challenges are part of Mobis’ values. Therefore, we must face challenges with passion, belief, creativity and determination.

This is the second item in the MO;HAPPY campaign, which aims to demonstrate ways in which we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

Mobis values employees who refuse to be complacent. We want those who embrace opportunities for a greater challenge.

Mobis is confident that accompanied by its employees, it will achieve its goals with unwavering passion and creative thinking.

In addition to the daily challenges, we also have, as a form of incentive, the Inova program.

The program aims to promote improvements in our company, and reward the best ideas for cost reduction, safety, quality and productivity!


As you know, the campaign in question shows 7 ways in which we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

The third item of the campaign MO;HAPPY it’s collaboration.

It is important to put the “we” ahead of the “I” to contribute to the company’s goals.

It is necessary to think about the common objective of the organization.

The idea is to create synergy through a feeling of “unity” that is fostered by communication and mutual cooperation among co-workers and also with our business partners.


“Play in favor! Ask before criticizing!” is the fourth item of the campaign MO;HAPPY.

The campaign that shows 7 ways how we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

We know that when a new policy or a new procedure is put into effect, we tend to be surprised and that’s why we criticize.

We recommend Playing in Favor!

The new causes resistance and estrangement at the moment of adaptation, therefore, we can also resort to a respect for doubts and suggestions for improvement.

Being inquisitive is different from being resistant.

It is worth remembering that before saying that something will go wrong, it is necessary to try.


“No matter where you work, act quickly.” is the fifth item of the campaign MO;HAPPY.

The campaign that shows 7 ways how we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

South Korean production is based on the Just in Time production methodology, which is a production management system that determines what must be produced, transported or purchased at the exact time, so agility is our last name.

Be fast, but without losing efficiency.


The 6th item of the campaign is to understand that we are also Mobis Brasil customers.

The campaign that shows 7 ways how we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

Therefore, we promote a corporate culture oriented towards

central customer in quality and impeccable service customers with all the values our customers, without forgetting, as collaborators, internal and consequently, owner of the product.

It is necessary to have the best product, for the terms of commitment of the customers, so that they value the purchase of the brand and come back to us.


And the last, but not least, item is “When working, think about the goal and why”.

It is the campaign that shows 7 ways in which we can increase our satisfaction and happiness at Mobis Brasil.

It is important to think about the objectives to be of the organization with a certain work, they must be aligned with the objective of the department and consequently.

They will serve as a guide and whether to do what they want.

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