The importance of choosing genuine brake pads for your Hyundai

  • Genuine brake pads are designed and manufactured exclusively for Hyundai vehicles.
  • Genuine parts warrant durability and greater safety when braking the vehicle.
  • Counterfeit pads wear out quickly and require frequent replacement.

The importance of choosing genuine brake pads for your Hyundai directly influences the durability of the parts and the safety of the vehicle´s driver and passengers.

Evaluating brake pads based on their appearance is the wrong way to go, as product evaluation goes beyond these superficial characteristics. Hyundai Mobis emphasizes the importance of choosing genuine parts, available exclusively at Hyundai dealerships throughout Brazil, instead of the non-genuine ones found at independent resellers.

Understand how brake pads work

The essential role played by the brake pad becomes evident when it is hydraulically actuated, with the caliper exerting pressure on the pads to bring them into contact with the rotating disk, resulting in the vehicle decelerating and stopping.

Genuine brake pads are designed and manufactured exclusively for Hyundai brand vehicles, providing a friction constant ranging from medium to high, ensuring the best, most realiable and consistent braking performance.

Genuine part vs. Non-genuine part

Learn how to identify a genuine component:

– Compressed and heavy material;

– Smoother cuts with well-defined colors inside.

– Made from different types of fibers, offering superior quality in situations such as: varied climatic conditions, with minimal wear and noise-free operation.


– Light and bulky material;

– Rough cuts with irregular colors inside;

– Faster wear and frequent replacement;

– Uneven braking, causing brake fatigue;

– Possible damage to other vehicle parts, such as brake discs/drums;

– As the quality of the production of the part decreases, the value is also lower.

Underframe comparison


– Brake pad manufactured with a strongly fixed shim, featuring detailed engravings with thicker edges;

– Brake pad pad fixed in the center of the rear brake pad;

– Structured and engraved molding.


– Brake pad made with easily detachable shim, showing incorrect molding with thinner edges;

– Corners and edges for leveling the thickness.

Choose genuine parts for durability and safety

All genuine parts undergo rigorous testing based on research and development, warranting a perfect fit and the best durability for your Hyundai.

Choosing genuine parts provides excellent durability results and prioritizes the safety of the driver and passengers.

Visit your nearest authorized Hyundai dealership and purchase genuine parts to warrant your peace of mind.

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