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More security for you and your family.

Always use Genuine parts in your Hyundai

Hyundai Mobis manufactures some of the various components that equip Hyundai vehicles, and works continuously to be present among the leading companies in the automotive technology segment.

We are the only company authorized to produce genuine parts and accessories for supply to HMB dealerships throughout Brazil. Therefore, when you need to maintain your Hyundai, always demand the best, as only original items are properly tested to provide maximum safety and protection to your vehicle.

Picture showing a Hyundai genuine part.

Always be on the lookout for your Hyundai’s essentials. Frequent component maintenance will ensure safe and smooth driving for you and your family.



An important way to protect your investment is to ensure that you have tires that are suitable for your vehicle.

When you need to replace them, refer to your vehicle’s Owner’s Manual for the correct specification for the model to be purchased.

Battery and Belts

If your battery is 3 years old or older, do a charge test, fluid test, and terminal cleanliness. Likewise, when a timing belt becomes worn or stretched to the point where the teeth slip or skip, engine damage can occur and can be dangerous.



Without a doubt, brakes are the most important safety items on a vehicle and therefore cannot be ignored. In addition, any delay in repair may result in more expensive services in the future. Therefore, the brake fluid level and pads should be checked regularly when visiting the nearest HMB dealership.

Oil and Filters

When performing oil and filter changes, always using the oil indicated for your Hyundai’s engine, your vehicle will have good range and still save fuel. In this way, carry out the maintenance within the deadlines established in the Owner’s Manual and leave your car with the revisions up to date.



At any time of the year, a clean windshield is vital to ensure the best visibility and your safety behind the wheel. Remember to check the washer levels monthly and replace the wiper blades whenever necessary if they are dry, cut or vibrating in any way.

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