Hyundai Mobis opens new Electrification Research Center in South Korea

New facility will be dedicated to the development of core drivetrain components for electric vehicles

  • The new ‘Electrification Research Center’ at Hyundai Motor Group’s Uiwang R&D Center opened on December 5th.
  • The company operates nine global electrification production bases.
  • The new center is set to become the benchmark for global electrification technology development.

New Hyundai Mobis Research and Development Center (Photo: Disclosure)

Hyundai Mobis management at the inauguration of the new technology space for electric cars (Photo: Disclosure)

President of Hyundai Mobis, Lee Gyu Suk, at the inauguration of the R&D Center in South Korea (Photo: Disclosure)

On December 5th, Hyundai Mobis inaugurated the “Electrification Research Center” at the Hyundai Motor Group’s Research and Development (R&D) Center in Uiwang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

From now on, Hyundai Mobis will operate two research bases in South Korea: the current Mabuk R&D Center and the Uiwang R&D Center. The former will lead the development of key automotive components such as autonomous driving, connectivity and chassis safety, while the latter will specialize in the development, testing and performance evaluation of electrification components. The company also independently operates the Seosan Proving Ground to apply tests on real vehicles, evaluating the performance and reliability of its innovations.

At the opening ceremony, Chairman Lee Gyu Suk stressed the importance of the Research Center. “The new space is a strategic center for next-generation electrification technology, equipped with an ideal environment for research.” He also emphasized that “with a focus on specialized professionals, we will use this center as a base for innovation in the field of electrification.”

Innovation and new strategies

In January 2024, Hyundai Mobis will present its future strategic plan at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in Las Vegas to advance as a mobility platform provider with integrated software-centered solutions.

The creation of a new strategic center for next-generation electrification technology is significant, especially considering the anticipated additional orders for electrification components from global automakers. This move aims to optimize the quality of mass production by integrating research and development, quality and production technologies, improving organizational efficiency and the workforce.

Expanding the global market

With the creation of the Electrification Research Center, Hyundai Mobis plans to expand its staff of specialized research professionals. The new center is set to become an important global development site for electrification technology.

Hyundai Mobis operates nine electrification production bases around the world (six in South Korea and three overseas) and is establishing six new bases in Korea, North America and Indonesia. Recently, the company secured US$940 million in investment funds from seven international financial institutions to develop a new electrification base in North America.

With this recent opening, Hyundai Mobis plans to strengthen its competitive edge in the electrification sector by ensuring stable operation and expanding local production bases by securing next-generation technologies.

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